The Fishing

We specialise in targeting the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish. Pound for pound, Kingfish are one of the oceans hardest fighting sportfish. We also offer charters for Snapper, Striped, Blue and Black Marlin (season dependant), deepwater species such as Hapuka, Bass, Blue Nose, and daytime Swordfishing. Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, we offer world class fishing, and the above species are found locally around the offshore reefs and islands.

Renowned For Large Numbers of Big Kingfish

The Bay of Plenty is renowned as a mecca for big kingfish, with the IGFA All Tackle World Record being landed in the area. Large schools of Kingfish feed on the surface or hold in the current on the deeper reefs, so casting stickbaits and dropping live baits or jigs will get you connected to some of the world’s largest Kingfish. The average Kingfish in this area is around 15 to 25kg, but fish over 40kg are commonly encountered.

Capt. Ben Pokaia

Captain Ben Pokaia

For years Ben has had the driving passion to make sure each angler that sets foot on his boat gets the best possible chance to catch that fish of a lifetime. Ben thrives on making every anglers day at sea filled with life long memories, and treats every day at sea as a challenge to achieve the goals set out by anglers. Ben has achieved outstanding results, with countless trophy Kingfish captures, while operating a day trip operation out of Tauranga.

Ben Pokaia, Kingfish Guide

Nomad Boat

Tackle Gear

We supply all tackle used for charters which is included in the charter price. The gear for targeting big Kingfish is very similar to what you would use when casting for GT’s, Jigging for Dogtooth Tuna or Amber Jack.

When hooked, Kingfish make multiple long & fast runs that will happen right to the side of the boat. Kingfish will test for any weak point in your tackle set up and will push the limit on the drag of the best reels on the market. Casting Rods must be able to cast a long distance to cover a large area, and must have enough back bone to handle the tough fighting Kingfish, but remain forgiving on the angler.

The jigging/live bait rods we use are in the 350gm to 500gm range, as when a big Kingfish hits your jig or inhales your live bait down deep, you need a rod that has plenty of lift and back bone to withstand the Kingfish’s blistering runs.

Our Tackle Onboard

We have a full range of the best rods and reels to cater for live baiting and jigging over deep pinnacles, for casting top water lures and electric reels for targeting Bass, Hapuka and Blue Nose. This is supplied within your charter price.

Our boat is fully stocked with our range of Nomad Designs top water lures, we have a full range of the best jigs on the market and all live baiting and bottom fishing tackle is all ready to get you hooked into the fish of your dreams.

New Zealand Kingfish Adventure

Tauranga is the destination for your fishing adventure to start. Tauranga is the main hub of the Bay of Plenty, a short 2.5 hour drive from Auckland, or alternatively a 20 minute flight from Auckland. With its many restaurants & bars, golden sand beaches, relaxed atmosphere and world class offshore fishing, Tauranga makes the perfect location for your next fishing adventure.