Our Fishing Charters

Your next fishing adventure starts here! Choose your target species, method, and get prepared for the fishing experience of a lifetime.


Kingfish are our specialty, and being based in the worlds best Kingfish fishery means that casting top water lures, live-baiting and mechanical jigging is what we do best! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, we can get you attached to one of the worlds hardest fighting sportfish, The Mighty Yellow Tail Kingfish.

Bottom Fishing

We cater to targeting a variety of  table fish, such as Blue Nose, Hapuka and Bass. With all the seamounts and sea valleys we have just offshore in the Bay of Plenty, catching bottom fish is a great way to spend a day with friends. We are set up with both electric and standard reels for this type of fishing.

Game Fishing

The Bay of Plenty is a game-fishing mecca. Whether it’s trolling lures, live baiting for striped Marlin, or daytime dropping for the mighty Swordfish, we have all the tackle and knowledge to target these species on board.

Trinity Wharf Hotel, Tauranga

The Trinity Wharf Hotel is a unique 4.5 star waterfront Hotel. Located within the CBD of Tauranga. You can be collected and delivered daily from the Hotels floating Jetty by Captain Ben Pokaia in our ten metre customised sport fisher boat.

From there you will be taken for a day of fishing action and excitement that you will long remember. The fishing grounds are located within 30-45 minutes from the Tauranga harbour – meaning you spend more time fishing, and less time travelling.

Each day you will have the choice of preferred fishing style and target species if that is your wish.

Food and Beverages


A packed lunch is an additional option we can offer for each guest onboard. This lunch usually consists of a Ham or Chicken salad roll, fruit, muesli bars, biscuits and water available throughout the day.

Alcoholic Beverages Onboard

BYO alcohol is permitted onboard, but remains at the Captains discretion, as the safety to other guests and the safety of the boat is paramount.

Aditional information

Keeping Fish for the Table

If you wish to keep fish for the table, please bring a suitable chilly bin that will ensure your catch will stay on ice/chilled for your travels home.

We have a one Kingfish per person policy. All Bass, Blue nose and Hapuka are able to be taken home.  We prefer to release all Marlin and Swordfish, but this ultimately is the anglers choice at the time.

Safety Onboard

We take your safety very seriously, please advise us at the time of booking if you have any medical conditions which we need to be aware of. We also ask that you tell us of any allergies or food related issues so we can cater accordingly. Please advise us of this well in advance of your trip. This will be covered in our onboard safety briefing.


Ensure that you bring:

  • Sun protective clothing
  • Headwear
  • Sunglasses (polarised) are a great option for spotting fish and eye protection from the harsh reflection
  • Suitable footwear for use on a boat
  • A light-weight splash jacket/raincoat
  • Gloves – if you wish

Smoking onboard

Smoking is permitted as per crew instructions. We are very strict on the enforcement of where you can smoke as we usually have a large amount of fuel stored onboard the vessel, and hot ash poses a major safety hazard near fuel breathers. Please check with the Captain before smoking onboard.