Nomad Sportfishing

Nomad Sportfishing New Zealand is about connecting anglers of all abilities to the fish of their dreams, while being in one of the best fishing locations in New Zealand with a world renowned fishery.

Achieve Your Goals

We here at Nomad are about ensuring that every angler has the best chance to achieve their fishing goals. Whether it be catching the trophy Kingfish on heavy tackle, or targeting Kingfish on light tackle; Captain Ben Pokaia will take the challenge and strive for the best results.

Ben prides himself on a high level of professionalism, and his unmistakable passion for providing the highest level of a sportfishing experience is at the forefront of Nomad Sportfishing New Zealand.

Nomad Sportfishing practices methods that promote sustainability, helping to maintain the health of our world class fishery. We’re a family run business dedicated to sharing some of the most enthralling fishing and scenery experiences available on the planet.

You can be assured Nomad Sportfishing New Zealand will go to all lengths to provide a world-class sportfishing adventure.