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Fishing for Kingfish The Fishing

You will be fishing for Yellow tail Kingfish, pound for pound Kingfish are one of the oceans hardest fighting sport fish. Targeting Kingfish on the offshore reefs and Islands in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand you will be casting surface lures and vertical jigging with 80lb – 100lb tackle.

The Bay Of Plenty is renowned for large numbers of big kingfish with the IGFA record being landed in the area, with large schools of kingfish either feeding on the surface or holding in the current on the deeper reefs. Casting stickbaits or poppers will see you get connected some of the world's biggest kingfish. The average kingie is around 15kgs in this area, but fish over 35kgs are commonly encountered. Snapper, striped marlin and blue marlin are also able to be targeted at certain times of year. Deepwater jigging for kings is also an option, and the kings of Tauranga love jigs just like kingfish anywhere.

Ben's pro guide tips for catching Kingfish Pro Guide Tips for Kingfish
Ben Pokaia, Pro Guide

The tackle used for casting for Kingfish is very similar to what you would use when casting for GT's and jigging tackle is similar to what you would use when fishing for Dogtooth/Amber Jack. When hooked, king fish make multiple long/fast runs that will test for any weak point in your tackle set up and will push the limit on the drag of the best reels, rods must be able to cast a long distance to cover a large area and must have enough back bone to handle the tuff fighting Kingfish.

We have a full range of top of the line tackle on board.


Fishing for Kingfish Tackle Gear
Tackle gear options & suggestions:

Rods – Casting:
Ripple Fisher Ultimo 79MH,
Ripple Fisher GT79 Reversal,
Blue Reef 710/8

Reels – Casting:
Stella 18000,
Stella 10000,
Twin Power 10000
Rods - Jigging:
Ripple Fisher 5620,
Ripple Fisher 5215,
Shimano Jig Wrex

Reels - Jigging:
Stella 20000,
Ocean Jigger P4000,
Trinidad 16A
Leader- 150 – 200lb

Stick baits in sizes 100mg to 200gm,
jigs in sizes 200gm to 500gm

Other essentials:
fighting belt,
casting gloves,
split ring plies
  Onboard Tackle Shop:
All the tackle we recommend is available onboard to purchase. You can simply fly in step onboard and go fishing safe in the knowledge that all the very best tackle available will be on hand for you to use. If you require any more information about tackle kits or the range of tackle available onboard please call our office.



Fishing for Kingfish The Boat

             Kingfish Boat 8m custom sportfisher

Safety Onboard Fishing Boat:
We take your safety very seriously. We are equipped with a large first aid kit, life jackets & flares. Our crew will give you a safety briefing when you first board each boat. Please make sure you are aware of the location of all safety items in case of an emergency, and also that you are aware of how to use a VHF radio in the event that your guide is injured/incapacitated. We need to be advised if you have any medical conditions which we need to be aware of while you are fishing. Please make sure you bring any personal medicine that you may require on board with you each day and make our crew aware of any actions they may need to take.

The vessel is under New Zealand maritime safe ship management survey to insure your safety well at sea and there are toilet facilities on board.

Toilet Facilities are not available on our Fishing Boat:
If you have any problems with this arrangement, please let us know well before your trip and we may be able to ensure a porta potti toilet is onboard a vessel for you.

Smoking is also permitted onboard, but it will be as per the guidelines identified by the crew on this vessel.




Fishing for Kingfish Other Essentials

Clothing and personal items:

  • Passport and xerox of photo page
  • Airline tickets
  • Personal medications
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Swimsuit or shorts
  • Sneakers or deck shoes
  • Casual travel clothes
  • Fishing hat
  • Quality lightweight raincoat/pants
  • Lightweight cotton gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Small flashlight
  • Camera and batteries
  • Waterproof pack or gear bag

Tauranga Bay

Fishing for Kingfish Fish Handling

To insure the best fishing possible, a strict catch and release policy is in effect. Throughout the week, the camp manager may ask you to bring back some smaller fish for dinner. Only at this time should fish be kept. Otherwise, strict catch and release policies are enforced.